Alice Browne

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Drawing on an expanse of influences and materials, Browne's painted works describe obscure imaginative spaces, which simultaneously appear to adhere to the rules of gravity and perspective whilst outwardly ignoring them. Boxes, shadows, screens and girders mingle with drips, floating transparent forms and abstract geometric shapes. Her works appear to occupy multiple planes and visual languages, resulting in a complex network of forms that flip between object and image.

Browne harnesses her mediums flexibility (and sometimes unpredictability) to approach her practice with a playfulness, curiosity and acceptance of failure. Her recent works have a fragmented and imposing presence, encouraging connections with their surroundings and inviting viewers to take time to explore.

Underlying Browne's research is a notion that physical experiences take place in collaboration with a network of secondary and imaginative sources resulting in an intoxicating, partly fictional, reality. Phenomenological experience meets imaginative thought; language and fantasy mingle with memory - especially that of photography and film. Her works seem to perform this intermingling through their creation - realised over a period of time without a planned outcome, her works are able to reflect the physical location of their production and/or exhibition as well as reflecting thoughts and influences gained over the time of their creation.