Alice Browne

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Installation of 'Project Space', a residency and solo exhibition at Prosjektrom Normanns in Stavanger, Norway
Exhibition 9th - 23rd May 2014
Residency 26th April - 9th May


Working on site is a new process for me, and as such Project Space is the beginning of an on-going enquiry. Building on my interests in the framing and 'location' of abstract forms, usually within a 2D space, for Project Space I have been working with the room as a surface to be perceived en masse - either in direct encounter or more often than not, through photographs.

The exhibition includes my first wall painting, inspired by the painted fresco architecture within the houses of the ancient town Pompeii, which I visited in 2013. I am interested in the malleability of represented space: the painting embedded into the wall becomes a form of virtual reality, the painted blocks relating to masonry bricks, or pixels. However, unlike functional creations, the painting is openly flawed, with gaps and drips. Found ladders are used as an additional drawing tool, traversing through the space and providing temporary structure.

Painting on paper allows me to make quick responses and has been a very useful material for the short time span of my residency. I feel like Project Space has become my own theatrical DIY building site, in part mimicking the springtime home improvements taking place in the city around me during my stay in Stavanger.